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Doug Collier

Doug Collier is a co-founder of All God’s Children Schools in Liberia. He is the board president of Serve the Children, the supporting organization of All God’s Children Schools. A CPA and financial planner, he also has a doctorate of ministry in strategic leadership from Faith International Seminary in Tacoma. He has traveled to Liberia regularly since his first trip in 1997. Doug’s passion is to come alongside educators in Liberia with long-term support as they help children and their families toward a better future. As a part of this support, he leads mission teams to Liberia and can attest to the life-changing effects of these missions in the lives of Liberian children, the in-country AGC staff, and the team members themselves. Doug and his wife live in the Tacoma area and have two married children and five grandchildren.

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Books by the Author

Where Is God in War

Have you struggled with challenges in life? Sometimes events or responsibilities are overwhelming and you wonder how you will make it through. This is the incredible life story of Sackie Kwalalon, from his birth in a small jungle village in Liberia, West Africa, his difficult growing up years, to how he survived the ravages of the 14-year Liberian Civil War. We see how God protected him through his various trials as a young boy, how these experiences helped prepare him for the horror he would experience during the war, and how he survived and thrived to become a man who invests his life in others. The book also looks at the roots of conflict, the ethics of war, and the importance of reconciliation; issues Sackie himself has struggled with as he lived through war.

Reading this book will encourage you to look at life’s challenges in a different light and realize that God is there; He is faithful, and He wants each of us to have a full and abundant life. It will encourage you to think more deeply about conflict and how it affects you and those around you, and how you can work toward peace and reconciliation in your own life.

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