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John Mbaria

John Mbaria is a trained spatial planner and an award-winning Kenyan journalist who has investigated and written on wildlife conservation since August 2000. Mbaria started off as a physical planner before detouring to journalism. He has written for several national newspapers in Kenya—the Daily Nation and The EastAfrican—and was an occasional contributor for the Greenpeace Magazine of Germany, as well as a visiting writer with InvestigateWest, a US-based online investigative journal.

Books by the Author

The Big Conservation Lie

The Big Conservation Lie is a wakeup call focused on a field that has been ‘front and centre’ of many people’s hearts and minds in recent years; the conservation of Africa’s wildlife. It is a pursuit whose power to inspire is only rivaled by its ability to blind its audience to reality. This book takes the reader through Kenya’s conservation ‘industry’ and the players therein with all their prejudices, weaknesses and commitment to causes, many of which are indistinguishable from their personalities. It is a call to indigenous Africans to claim their place at the table where the management of their natural resources is being discussed and invites well-meaning donors to look beyond the romantic images and detect the possible role of their money in the disenfranchisement of a people.

Publication Date: Jan 13th, 2017

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